Family Glamping

Our Family Glamping includes everything you need for a luxurious camping trip with the added convenience of being close to home!

Our Family Glamping packages include, floor mats, rugs airbeds, fitted sheets, fleece blankets, cushions, lighting and decorative accessories.

Duvet and pillows are not currently supplied due to Covid-19/hygiene reasons. We recommend adding your own warm bedding to ensure a cosy night's sleep.

4m Bell Tent - Sleeps 4.

Requires 6m x 6m of flat real grass.

Style options: Boho or Wild Camp

Prices start at £195 for 1 night hire.


5m Bell Tent - Sleeps 6.

Requires 7m x 7m of flat real grass.

Style Options: Tropical or Cow Bell

Prices start at £260 for 2 nights minimum hire.